peaky’s little message

Greetings humans of earth

”I’m am a robot call peaky I would absolutely love to come down to your planet and come meet you all.   and see all the amazing things like the animals and foods and drinks. See we don’t have much of that up there in space but we do have eight interesting planets to look at. by the way, if you didn’t know earth right now is slowly turning through space same as all the other planets in space. you also might of not known that earth is the third planet form the sun. it’s time for me to go bye bye!



I’m finely here In Giantsville It’s so amazing there’s Giant people, Giant trees and even Giant Giraffes. Back to why I’m here I have to find my little elf friend collen which by the way got stolen by these hideous things now all I have to do is find the giant who stole him which shouldn’t be hard. She was wearing a pink  T shirt  and blue pants. I’ve been walking for a while I got to this place called the coffee shop and there she was she looked like some sort of teacher drilling her way through the wall out of the coffee shop door…

When the war Is over

”Mum I’m scared ” I know you are we all are that’s why you and your sister have to go what do you mean we have to go.” please don’t make this hared grace It’s only to the war has ended” whens that. I don’t know no one knows and that is why we are sending you and Alice to your uncles” what uncle are you talking about” your uncle In Australia.” but that’s miles away” I know and that’s why”  I know. Grace and Alice got on the train even though they didn’t wont to go, there was no peace.

The dream that came true

The Wormwood family were having Matilda’s favourite spaghetti meal while Matilda was eating dirty sock soup.

In the middle of the night there was a big thump. Matilda thought that it was just a storm so she ignored it and went on sleeping. But she was wrong it was the BFG, he had just made a new potion were all your dreams come true. And he started with Matilda because she was a kind girl. She wished there would be no such thing as the Wormwood family and that she lived with Mrs honey and then she went to sleep.

Tim and Jeff’s WEEKEND

”Jeff how have you been, I haven’t seen you In month’s” Tim yelled ” Tim what are you doing here” said Jeff. It’s dads birthday and we fort that we would come down and see you. we fort you would like to be surprised to see us. and i thought well what a start to my weekend at home all by myself but now that you are here you have made my weekend a lot more joyful. so how long are you staying here” ”only for the night. That night it was silent, silent because no one was awake and Jeff wasn’t there.


The crowd cheered so I know that I can’t let them down. but when I saw how far behide I was I new I had no chance. I look back to my Mum and I new that It was a time to believe in myself I shut my eyes. When I opened my eyes I ran as fast as I could and ran Strat past my competion. As I was running the wide runs  past me as if it was having its own race once the wide had gone away I ran even faster. I had won the race proud

The potato Olympics

The Potatolympics were run at Yahl PS during the Rio Olympic Games.

They are a sport event that is based on the Olympics and involves Maths and potatoes. Our class (The 4/5s) created potato athletes out of real spuds and decorations.

We then made up our own events.

The purpose of the Potatolympics was to use our measuring Maths skills, to use our creativity, to practise working in teams, and lastly to have fun!!!

My event

The 4/5 class was doing  the potato Olympics witch was based on the Rio Olympics  2016 but with potato’s. We had to get into pears and think of an event that we could do in the potato Olympics Dakota and I were In pears. Our event was long jump we had to use a trampoline and a measuring tape. the location that me and Dakota picked was in the play ground we had used the play ground equipment you  had to drooped your potato it would land on the trampoline then it would bounce off and then we would have to measure how far the potato had gone.I would say that Dakota and I were really happy with your event.

My Favourite event

Bounce and shout was my favourite event you had to use a trampoline a hoolahoop and play ground equipment. Bounce and shout was my favourite event because it got more and more difficult as the hoolahoop got feather away witch means that it got harder to shout the potato i also enjoined it because it was a very enjoyable to see how far all the potato’s went. Brianna and Bj came first Taneeka came second and will came third I would say that Abbey and Ella would be very happy with their event.


overcoming my fear

I couldn’t see anything, my sister promised me that she would help me overcome my  fear. now I think  shes just doing it to scare me. the wind came in and howled at me from nowhere but then of cause I can’t see a thing so there could be a window anywhere. What am I going to do I’m locked In. In the black underneath the house in the basement if only there was something that would make happy like like a extraordinary Flamingo. then something poked me. I  turned around hoping it wasn’t a puppet  and it wasn’t it was my sister.

look at that cute little dog he had come up and looked at me I turned to Timmy and said ”can I keep him?” of course Timmy was just being Timmy and said ”NO i’m not getting that dog and plus  if I wanted to I still couldn’t: remember dads hates  dogs so there we are not getting a dog.

Disappointed, I ran away bursting into tears.  when may had ran away Timmy had gotten the  dog.  may had gotten home she had seen the little dog  ”only for a night ” said Timmy and then tomorrow we will return him but how would i know were he lives